Had I Known?

I've been asked a lot of hypothetical questions throughout all of this. If I would have made different choices had I known what was ahead of me? Insisted Jesse get an MRI earlier had I known he had a tumor growing in his brain? Married him had I known my husband's body and mind would... Continue Reading →

Open Hands

Before moving to Northwest Houston for Jesse to become the lead pastor at what is now the Church at Cross Lake Before you watch, if you will, extend your hands in front of you with your palms down and clench them into a fist, then try to pick something up with your closed hand. Now... Continue Reading →


March 10, 2016. It's just a date. Maybe it's a significant one to you, maybe not. For us, it was another meaningless day on our calendar until last week. On January 19, we had an MRI and an appointment to review the scans with our oncologist immediately following it. At the end of that appointment,... Continue Reading →

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