From the Grief to the Glory

Friday, we focus on the sacrifice, the death. Sunday, we celebrate the fulfillment of a promise…of THE promise and the resurrection of Jesus, Who still lives.  But what about the day between? What about the day between the grief and the glory? Saturday. Today. This day was a day of confusion, of sorrow, of lost-ness.... Continue Reading →

And Yet He Came

I feel like, to some very small degree, that I was prepared to live as a widow. People talk about that life. You know when you meet someone, when you marry someone, that at some point one or the other of you is going to live to see the other one die. That made sense... Continue Reading →

He Bids Me, “Come”

We’re singing “Oceans” this Sunday. It’s a song I typically lead. I’ll be brutally honest right here and tell you I’m not exactly thrilled at the prospect of singing this one again. I like to believe what I’m singing, and the thought of asking God to “take me deeper” makes me want to crawl into... Continue Reading →

The One They Said Wouldn’t Come

In early September, in the darkness that comes between the close of one day and the start of another, Jesse awakened to his new reality. We have been walking and trudging and sprinting and schlepping through the past several months, eyes on one goal ahead of us...Jesse telling others about Jesus with his own mouth.... Continue Reading →

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