Surgery Three Updates

We've been playing around with different update options, and we think this is still the best option for our friends who follow our story through the blog. So, here is how this will work... There will only be this one link for the duration of the day. For my email friends, that means you will... Continue Reading →

He will be good

Jesse is having brain surgery tomorrow. Again. This will be the third time someone has accessed and manipulated the fragile contents of his skull. I wish I could tell you that we’ve developed some sort of immunity to the fear and anxiety that accompanies these procedures, having done it twice before, but we haven’t. Sleep... Continue Reading →

No Less Days

I've prayed a thousand prayers of unintended self in my life. My desire to be free from pain and hurt-to be free from oppression, from judgement, from suffering- has often trumped my desire to be in the will of God. Surely, if the Lord really loved me as He says He does, then He wouldn't... Continue Reading →

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