Her name was Edna

Her name was Edna. She was a black woman raised in a multi-ethnic home, had a daddy with a wooden leg who died cradled in her arms, spent the first part of her adult life helping people heal and raising 4 children; and, in her later years, when others had their sights set on retirement,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Do Nothing

Loss. It's so hard. We've lost everything we've owned before. It's shocking. Numbing. A devastation that makes you feel like that dream of walking naked into school as a kid is your new reality. The vulnerability that comes with needing so much help, so much care, so much attention. I remember sitting in the wrecked... Continue Reading →

Southern Fried

Let me tell you all a little story: When Jesse and I were in college, we had apartments just a few yards from one another. This led to the brilliant and cost-efficient method of living in which Jesse bought the food, and I cooked it. After a time, he moved apartments to one on an... Continue Reading →

To The Women

“The best way I can tell you what really happened is to take you some miles away to where the Hermit of the Southern March sat gazing into the smooth pool beneath the spreading tree...For it was in this pool that the Hermit looked when he wanted to know what was going on in the... Continue Reading →

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