Before brain cancer stole him away

He was dying the day a butterfly alighted on his shoulder and stayed for several minutes. He was dying as he twirled his small daughter around on the dance floor during the reception of a beloved unbiological sister (a term my family uses to describe two of our siblings the good Lord gave us through... Continue Reading →

To The Women

“The best way I can tell you what really happened is to take you some miles away to where the Hermit of the Southern March sat gazing into the smooth pool beneath the spreading tree...For it was in this pool that the Hermit looked when he wanted to know what was going on in the... Continue Reading →

Look to the Sky

“People throw around the word hero pretty flippantly these days, but today we said goodbye to a hero in the very truest sense of the word. My uncle passed away getting re-certified to jump out of airplanes. He wasn't an adrenaline junky or an adventurer. He was a rescuer. Since 2007, he has put his... Continue Reading →

Louisiana Summer

I was 16. The sun hung bright and felt impossibly near with its heat. The ground appeared to waver, distorting from steam whipping up off of scorched earth. I sat on the edge of the bed of a stranger's red truck (Where I grew up, if a truck bed was opened at a gathering, it... Continue Reading →

And Yet He Came

I feel like, to some very small degree, that I was prepared to live as a widow. People talk about that life. You know when you meet someone, when you marry someone, that at some point one or the other of you is going to live to see the other one die. That made sense... Continue Reading →

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