6 minutes and 44 seconds

Jesse preached (Can we just take a minute to ponder the fact that he can PREACH, guys?! Such a miracle!) on Joshua 1:1-9 this past Sunday. This has been a significant passage of scripture to us, especially as Jesse has wrestled with anxiety and fear brought on by the frequent medication adjustments and the trauma to... Continue Reading →

All It Really Costs is Nothing

I sat in the back of a darkened sanctuary this morning for the Celebration of Life service for a young mom I never had the privilege of meeting. A dear friend lost her sister-in-law, Christina, to stage 4 colon cancer a few days ago. She was 33. She left behind a husband, two very young... Continue Reading →

The 9th Cup

In the first few hours in the cold ER next to my suddenly-on-his-deathbed-34 year old-husband, I made no definitive plans...except one. If he didn't make it to June 19, no matter where we were at the time, I would load up our 4 children and make our way to the nearest BJ's Restaurant I could... Continue Reading →

Maybe sometimes

I played in the rain with our children today. It’s been pouring for weeks, bringing rapidly rising flood waters with it every few days. The kids have been mostly quarantined inside. So today, when the sky turned dark and the clouds opened up without the presence of thunder and lightning, I ushered them outside to... Continue Reading →

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