For All He Has Done

"For all that He has done, for all that He is doing, for all that He'll ever do for us...[We give thanks]." Jesse can read, you guys. And more than that, he can understand what he reads. That is a grace we were not expecting to receive so quickly. We are exceedingly grateful for such... Continue Reading →

Road to Damascus

Jesse can point to the place on the ceiling he was looking at when he knew everything had changed in the wee hours of Friday, September 4. He was asleep after throwing up for a couple of hours; and when his mind awakened, he opened his eyes and everything was different. "Everything is different.", he... Continue Reading →

Coming Home

Less than 24 hours after I last posted about Jesse's surgery, and we are HOME! Home, y'all. It's remarkable to me that a person can have brain surgery one day, and sleep in his own bed the day after. It's overwhelming to see my husband walk through our door and into our home, a moment... Continue Reading →

Short and Oh So Sweet

Jesse is out of surgery and in his room in the neuro ward! He's doing exceptionally well, talking more fluidly than he was before his surgery, and telling everyone who¬†enters the room about King Jesus, whom he adores so much. They were able to burn 3 cm of the remaining tumor in this surgery. Praise... Continue Reading →

Once Again

I've been struggling for several days on what to put out into the world. Not because I don't want people to know what's going on, but because I am so acutely exhausted that I'm struggling to find words of any meaning. Sick kids, sick self, always sick husband...there are no adequate words for defining the... Continue Reading →

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