Short and Oh So Sweet

Jesse is out of surgery and in his room in the neuro ward! He’s doing exceptionally well, talking more fluidly than he was before his surgery, and telling everyone who enters the room about King Jesus, whom he adores so much. They were able to burn 3 cm of the remaining tumor in this surgery. Praise God!

We are grateful for the way you all so faithfully cry out to the Lord on our behalf, both when we ask for it and when we haven’t the strength to ask. Your prayers are being heard by the very God who created the universe, and He is using you to love us and many others so well.

20 thoughts on “Short and Oh So Sweet

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  1. We’ve been praying for you here in Ms. and so thankful for what God is doing in Bro. Jesse’s life.. Thanks so much for keeping us posted through your blog. We enjoy your writing.. God bless you and your family on your journey to where God is leading you..
    Bro. Bengy & Cyndi Massey


  2. Praises & thank you Father God, so much mercy from our Holy One… We cannot thank You enough…. Love in Christ, Diana

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

    Every Litt


  3. So happy to see his smiling face. When I think of Jesse, I have this favorite memory of him getting down on the kids level and trying to goad them into doing something by flopping his “wings” and clucking and waddling like a chicken. I like to have laughed my head off. He was so good at getting the kids to interact. Will continue to pray for him. He meant a lot to most of us here at Maplewood FB.


  4. PTL!! I’ve been checking for a report between every class. WONDERFUL NEWS. We are praising God for covering Jesse with the protection of His love along with all of you


  5. God is so good. Glad Jessie made it through the procedure so well. Of course we knew he would. OUR GOD IS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN. Praise God from whom all blessings flow..


  6. So glad Jessie is doing well. We will be at MD Anderson the 19th and 20th! Hopefully yall will be home with your beautiful family but if not I would love to be able to visit a while.


  7. It is right to give thanks to the Lord and sing praises to Your name, oh most high! Psalm 92…

    Great photo. Now get out there and keep chasing that sunrise! We love you both…


  8. Amen, hallelujah and praise the almight Father for all that he’s done. And more blessing are on there way so shout it out so all can hear and grown. Selah!!!!!


  9. Very happy to hear of such good reports. Ashley Garza has also received miraculous results from her multiple cancers from lung, bone, and brain cancer. Ashley Garza is 31 years old and the daughter of Grand Master and Pastor Al Garza. All of these things including Jessie’s are the results of Gods intervention as a result of prayer. Both your story and Ashley Garza’s demonstrate that God is great and that God is alive and he does hear the prayers of his people.


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