Home. I have no words to describe how grateful we are to be with our people in our place. We've been enjoying each other's company and celebrating birthdays (one from today and one delayed because of life's formerly busy nature and the sudden appearance of brain cancer into our world). We sang the birthday song,... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Sun

   We chased the sun early this morning, walking as quickly as our bodies would carry us. Higher and higher we went, getting as close to the sky as we could. An observation deck on the 24th floor is where we found it. A thin ribbon of pale red above a thick one of charcoal... Continue Reading →

Beau’s Frustration

Walking through the many winding corridors of MD Anderson in the wee hours of the night, a stranger and I walked side by side, him guiding me to the correct elevator. We entered into an open space and chattering voices assaulted my ears. "Wow, this place never sleeps", I said. He looked at me, deep... Continue Reading →

Oh My Soul

Jesse was awake for parts of his surgery. He actively participated in his own craniotomy, talking and answering questions, telling the gospel to all who were in there. We were told after the surgery, that even when Jesse's speech would slow and words wouldn't come in the middle of his procedure, he would sing. Not... Continue Reading →


I'm going to attempt to use this one link as a direct line of communication to disperse information. If you'll click on it throughout the day, you'll find any new and pertinent information added to the list as the day goes on. I'll add to the top of the list so that the most recent... Continue Reading →

September 25

September 24, 2005, I was sitting wide awake in the wee hours of the morning on the floor of my grandparents' home in West Monroe, Louisiana, watching the weather channel. I knew we were in trouble when one of the main forecasters for the Weather Channel appeared on my tv screen standing 1/2 a mile... Continue Reading →

Mayim Chaim

Jesse wakes up alert in the middle of the night. Most of the time, I wake up with him, though he doesn't realize it. In the stillness of the night, he brushes a wisp of hair from my face, runs his fingers along my cheek, and whispers over me, "Mayim Chaim, Beloved. Mayim Chaim."  It... Continue Reading →

A Word from Brian Haynes

Our friend and lead pastor at our previous church home came to visit Jesse yesterday. He wrote this afterward. It's thought-provoking and encompasses so much of the miraculous grace of Jesus that we are experiencing here. Do read it. I think you will find, as I did, hope. "We sat down today face-to-face in a... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Sight

"Hello, my friend!", I hear him say warmly to a passerby I don't recognize. If you've ever met him, it's likely you've been greeted with these words and his familiar, red-bearded grin. Jesse hasn't changed much. If anything, he's more him than he's ever been. He's a real, undistracted version of himself who moves fluidly... Continue Reading →

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