Home. I have no words to describe how grateful we are to be with our people in our place.

We’ve been enjoying each other’s company and celebrating birthdays (one from today and one delayed because of life’s formerly busy nature and the sudden appearance of brain cancer into our world). We sang the birthday song, and ate ice cream cake, and watched happy children open gifts. It was almost like none of the past several weeks has really existed. Almost.

My previously somewhat straight-laced husband has a mohawk, and it suits him splendidly! It puts his incision on full display, a visible representation of the pain and the grief, and of the protection, the provision, and the mercy of God. I find myself staring at it in mesmerized wonder, overwhelmed at how well loved we are by Jesus and by you. Everything for us is completely abnormal, forever different; and yet, exactly as it should be. I told some one yesterday that this life isn’t what you expect it will be when you’re on the outside. I’ve always been so afraid of letting go, so afraid that God would thrust me into turmoil that I could not bear, and.  .  . do what to me, I wonder now? Leave me? Forsake me? I was afraid of fear, y’all. I wasn’t trusting.

I was terrified of surrender, and when I found myself suddenly living a life fighting the horrible disease that is brain cancer, when I was forced to give over my false sense of control, I found, instead of the loneliness I expected, the very presence of God. Instead of fear, I found peace. Instead of despair, I found hope. Don’t live terrified of laying your everything at the feet of Jesus. When you let go, you will find you are not dangling precariously over the edge of a cliff, but are upheld securely by the strong arms of King Jesus instead.

For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” Isaiah 41:13

Jesse is doing well at home. He’s relaxed and enjoying being in his own environment. We’re excited to sleep in our own bed tonight, and looking forward to a day with our family tomorrow. His speech has gained some fluidity, though his aphasia is a bit more severe. We’re still working through lots of side effects from necessary medications as well, but we are truly all doing better than expected.  Much love to you all, friends. We are praying over you as you go through your day tomorrow, asking the Lord to use you for His glory and your good. 

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  1. I’m so glad y’all are home. Continued prayers for this part of your journey. Thank you for always being His Light!!


  2. Thanking Heavenly Father for the good news! It is so wonderful to see the picture of yall at home surrounded by your children. May God continue to surround you as you continue on your journey. Prayers lifting❤️


  3. Each of us are given just the day we are in to be thankful and worship His holy name! So glad this day you are doing just that at home! Prayers continuing.


  4. My daughter forwarded your post to me. My husband has a glioblastoma brain tumor and is 15 months post surgery. We live every day giving God praise for all answered prayers in our lives and for the many people, many that we don’t even know, that pray for him daily. You have a beautiful family, and your husband looks wonderful.


  5. Jesse & Ashley, I enjoyed talking with you all today and meeting your two children during our elevator ride and pausing just outside my department. Thank you for the reality check. Sometimes during our hectic times of managing, directing or providing the necessary services to our patients, we forget for a moment what we are here for; each other. To help, to serve and comfort. The happiest and most rewarding time I have had in my career are just like today. Taking time for each other. People can get lost in a place as big as BSLMC or Houston or Texas. Thank you for seeking me out to remind me of why I am here. I pray for your success in your challenges, your family, your mission in life and most of all your family. When our purpose is completed here on earth our comfort will rest in the arms of God. Thank you for being you and being a
    great example for those you touch. 🙏


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