Chasing the Sun

We chased the sun early this morning, walking as quickly as our bodies would carry us. Higher and higher we went, getting as close to the sky as we could. An observation deck on the 24th floor is where we found it. A thin ribbon of pale red above a thick one of charcoal grey at first, it moved fluidly from color to color, ever changing, growing more colorful with each second. A red arch appeared in the dreary grey band; and then, so quickly that my eyes could barely see the shifting, the arch became a semi-circle, then a spectacular glowing orb of fiery crimson. Breathtaking and blinding, it was. We stood at the window, arms intertwined, my head on his shoulder; and in the same way I’ve witnessed so frequently throughout all of this, Jesse began to sing. The music burst out of his mouth just as the sun burst over the horizon, provoked by the dawning of day and a heart that longs to be known and guided by its’ Creator alone, rising and setting at His beckoning, just as the sun does each day. 

“From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the LORD is to be praised!”            Psalms 113:3

We are heading home this morning, friends! We have a little boy who turns 7 today, and we are excited to get to our own house to celebrate him with our other three kids! (Jesse’s voice is very faint in the video, so you may have to turn up the volume a good bit to hear him.)