Celebration of Life for Jesse

September 6, 2021:
~on the 6 year anniversary of the day I first heard the words, “Your husband has brain cancer.”
~almost to the hour of when this part of our story began
~we will gather at the cross Jesse loved
~on the church property he oft tread; and,
~as the sun sets
~we will worship the good Lord Jesse served so well

You need to bring nothing but your own weary souls, if you would like to come. You can wear what makes you happy. We’ll be outside in the evening in the south, so maybe bring some bug spray so you don’t become mosquito food.

The entire service is being professionally videoed, so you will be able to “attend” later on, if you cannot make it in person. We know you love us, and you need not feel any guilt over not being there, friends. Grief is messy, and it is okay if the only reason you opt not to come is that you are too fragile to physically step into this space. You do not need to apologize to me (or anyone else) for being human.

We lack for nothing, but have been asked many, many times about coming alongside us financially. If you feel inclined to give in this way, I’m attaching a link to a gofundme account our church set up for us to this post. Please know, still and always, the thing we have needed most from each of you all of these years is still the thing we need most, now: Prayer.

THANK YOU for loving Jesse well, for loving us well. I am who I am because I have been extravagantly loved by Jesus and Jesse and you. 🤍


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