From Jesse

From my husband’s own hand. . .

Don’t miss this, friends!

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  1. Thank you for continuing to share His Love and your Faith with us. I’m praying each day for complete healing and the Peace and Comfort that passes all understanding.


  2. Hi Ashley and Jesse! This is Sally Mattis from the Rotary House. I told Jesse I would write you when I got home so that we could stay in touch. I want you to know after talking with Jesse this morning we have been praying for him and you and your kiddos. I am sad that we didn’t get to spend time together as couples, but so glad you got to meet my friend Ria. It can be pretty busy there at the Rotary House and all of our appointments, surgery, friends visiting, keeping up with our kids back home,etc,,, I just got home a few hours ago and my bed feels good, but driving up was pretty scary. It is such a different world up there at MDA. We are all walking around sick or with someone who is sick and that is the world we are living in. I didn’t care that I was bald from chemo, had drains from a mastectomy,… I was just another patient fighting cancer and having more faith in God than I have ever had in my life-then, puling into my driveway I had a some tears and some fear. It can be hard to be there, but then it is so awesome to encourage one another and it is just so real and raw. Anyway, I just want you to know that there are some others that know a bit what you are going through and to encourage you that I will spread the word to my prayer warriors to ask God to heal your man. We will be praying that his path report will be as good as it gets!!!!
    I told Jesse I would send you my name and my blog that I have been writing to tell you our story. I started it in April as a way of keeping all my friends and family updated. It is called (you have to read the first post to understand my tacky acronym for #mfsob cancer)!! I look forward to reading more of yours and keeping updated on you two. I am also on Facebook. Praying hard! Sally Mattis


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