Joy Comes in the Mourning

Jesse takes photos of the sunrise nearly every morning now. He wakes up each day, gets dressed, and goes to a quiet space to pray and watch the light break over the horizon. It shows itself in brilliant strands of orange and red and pink and yellow. It illuminates the darkened sky, overwhelming the blackness of night, forcing it to take its rightful place in the shadows of the glistening morning. It’s a daily reminder of the enveloping magnificence of an all-encompassing God.

We’ve had such dark days here, days where hope has seemed lost and sorrow has threatened to consume us, but what we’re seeing more and more is that hope, the real hope of everlasting communion with God, is not consumable. It is not a light that can be snuffed out. Just like the sun that Jesse waits with anticipation each morning to see, whose light shines on the other side of the world even in our night, He who is Hope itself does. not. falter. We’re learning the value of sorrow. Grief is making us seek all the more persistently for grace. As surely as the sun rises each dawn, joy is coming through our mourning.

“Hope comes from sorrow. You will always find the sun after you go through the night, but you do have to go through the night. Night bursts into day every time! Even if the day is rainy, the light is still there.” Jesse McMillan

Information and Updates:

-We are scheduled for surgery on the 25th. We have a series of appointments in the coming week in preparation. We’re asking the Lord to give Jesse’s surgeon his best day ever that day.

-We are still asking for stability for Jesse in the wait time. He’s doing well on his new medicine dosage, and we’re grateful for that today!

– God is using our extended time here to proclaim His goodness to the broken and weary around us, and there is no shortage of that here. We’re begging the Lord to bind wounds and bring healing to these souls. We all need Him so desperately.

-We have slept so much better over the past couple of nights, even catching a nap here and there. Thank you for praying over us in this way specifically.

-We are, just as we have been, continuing to ask the Lord for healing that proclaims His name and His name alone!