I’m going to attempt to use this one link as a direct line of communication to disperse information. If you’ll click on it throughout the day, you’ll find any new and pertinent information added to the list as the day goes on. I’ll add to the top of the list so that the most recent information is easily accessible. You can expect an update every few hours or so. This is a slow and tedious procedure. Honestly, we’re hoping to not receive much news beyond that he is doing well.

September 28 (7:00 pm):

We’ve been successfully discharged from the hospital and have spent the past couple of hours getting settled back into our hotel. Jesse is much more relaxed here. His speech fluidity has vastly improved; however, it will be a long road of speech therapy before his aphasia is corrected. Pray for him, will you? It’s going to be a tediously slow and often frustrating process, but he’s looking forward to the end result…telling you all about God’s provision and glory in his own words. 🙂

Evening Update (7:20): We’re still doing well. His speech is slipping a bit, but that’s completely expected. He’s been up and walking around, singing as he goes along. 🙂 We’ve seen the surgeon today, and he says Jesse is looking good. Still long days of recovery ahead of us. We’re asking the Lord  to restore Jesse’s ability to understand and express speech and to restore his reading abilities as we walk the recovery road. He has so many stories to tell, and we’re excited to hear them flow from his lips in the future.

Morning Update (10:10am): We got into our room a little after 3 a.m. We’ve both slept off and on since around 5 this morning, when we got settled. Jesse’s doing well, grabbing up everyone who comes into the room in the way he does, asking them their life stories, and praying over them. His speech is still not what it was, but he’s improving by the hour. He should be up and walking around in the next few hours. How amazing is that?!

Last Update of the Night (10:45): 

1. We met with the doctor. Jesse did well in the surgery, and they were able to remove around half of the tumor. That’s 5 cm, guys. That’s a huge amount! Praise God with us! This is such good news!

2. I’ve been able to spend some time with Jesse. I walked in, he looked at me, and smiled his familiar smile: “God’s story. The gospel. The gospel.”  Even in recovery, he points to Christ. This is so much bigger than just a tumor! He looks really good. He’s speaking better than we expected, and he’s excited to tell more of this story.

3. Would you pray with us tonight, that Jesse would get a good, solid night of much needed sleep, that his body would heal quickly and stay out of harm’s way (no seizures, swelling will go down quickly, vitals stay level), that he would not suffer from pain, and that his soul would find deep rest in Christ as we walk the path before us? Would you also ask the Lord to restore his speech and cognitive abilities in miraculous ways? This is just the beginning, friends. Pathology won’t be available for some time and will determine the treatment path ahead of us. We still face many unknowns. But God…God knows, and He isn’t done yet. He is still in this. He is still bigger.

Update Four (8:30): They’re closing right now, folks! He’ll likely be in recovery for a couple of hours before they let me back to see him. The doctor should be out to talk with us soon.

Update Three (4:45): They are still resecting. We expect this process to go on for many, many more hours. Please continue to pray, especially that the team will remain alert and focused as they work, and that they will be able to remove so much of the tumor. Continue to pray that Jesse will remain stable. Mostly, continue to ask the Lord to reveal Himself in miraculous ways in the operating room so that all who are in there will come to know Him!

Update Two (1:30pm): They have just started resecting the tumor. Please pray for steady hands and supernatural ability to remove far more of the tumor than anyone has thought would be possible.
Update One (10:45am): The actual surgical procedure has just begun within the hour. Jesse has been undergoing a series of tests and scans in preparation prior to this. Please continue to pray. We feel very much at peace and overwhelmed with the goodness of God who brought us to this place. I know that is in no small part due to the prayers of God’s people!