Chasing the bright spots

I'll make this brief-ish because this has been the Monday of all Mondays, and we are in desperate need of a good meal and a long sleep. We learned on Friday that insurance had denied Jesse's surgery. We began the fight with them then, which has continued onward today. It's complex (and actually pretty boring),... Continue Reading →

This is not the end

Today marks the day two years ago that the sun set on Jesse's old self, and he awakened in the wee hours of the 4th knowing everything was different. Lots of things are still being rebuilt, restructured, reorganized in our home. Two years is a long while, I guess, though if you asked my heart,... Continue Reading →

Surgery Three Updates

We've been playing around with different update options, and we think this is still the best option for our friends who follow our story through the blog. So, here is how this will work... There will only be this one link for the duration of the day. For my email friends, that means you will... Continue Reading →

One Year

It's been a year now. One year since I woke up on a Sunday morning and took the kids to church so Jesse could sleep off a stomach bug. One year since I stepped off of the stage at church and knew I needed to get home as quickly as I could. One year since... Continue Reading →

Southern Fried

Let me tell you all a little story: When Jesse and I were in college, we had apartments just a few yards from one another. This led to the brilliant and cost-efficient method of living in which Jesse bought the food, and I cooked it. After a time, he moved apartments to one on an... Continue Reading →

Three little words

  “Scans look good!”, she said as she took her seat in the conference room where we meet every two months. Three little words took the weight out of the air and put the breath back into my lungs. Scan days are hard days. "Scanxiety", I’ve heard it called. It’s a real thing among the... Continue Reading →

6 minutes and 44 seconds

Jesse preached (Can we just take a minute to ponder the fact that he can PREACH, guys?! Such a miracle!) on Joshua 1:1-9 this past Sunday. This has been a significant passage of scripture to us, especially as Jesse has wrestled with anxiety and fear brought on by the frequent medication adjustments and the trauma to... Continue Reading →

Maybe sometimes

I played in the rain with our children today. It’s been pouring for weeks, bringing rapidly rising flood waters with it every few days. The kids have been mostly quarantined inside. So today, when the sky turned dark and the clouds opened up without the presence of thunder and lightning, I ushered them outside to... Continue Reading →

Look to the Sky

“People throw around the word hero pretty flippantly these days, but today we said goodbye to a hero in the very truest sense of the word. My uncle passed away getting re-certified to jump out of airplanes. He wasn't an adrenaline junky or an adventurer. He was a rescuer. Since 2007, he has put his... Continue Reading →

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