Love Story

Like so many other aspects of life, we’re finding this part to be as unpredictable as the rest. Surgery has been pushed back 10 days. 10 more days of waiting. September 25th.

Blech. I want to throw up. This is hard, you guys. Because he’s stable, but he’s critical. He’s free to wander around and live life, but he’s restricted. We have to be careful with stimulation and meticulous about medications. We’re staying where we are, in close proximity to the hospital. We’re holding tightly to what we know of King Jesus, trusting fully that, while this isn’t the timing we expected, it’s the timing that is right for us. It’s the timing needed for God to tell this story. And there is such a story being written. Mystery, drama, comedy, romance. It’s the kind of story everyone loves, full of plot twists and emotion and laughter at just the right moments. But the love story. . .oh, the love story! The passionate pursuit of mankind, the relentless and unabated seeking that the Groom is doing for His bride! Do you know that He loves you, dear ones? Do you know that he pursues you? That He actively seeks you? That He wants you? Longs for you? Because He does. Christ hung bleeding on a splintered tree so that you could be redeemed and restored to your Lover. He did not make the sacrifice of separation and bear the weight of the brokenness of man for no reason. He has plans for you just as He has plans for me and for Jesse and for our children. Surrender to Him, friends. He has a story to tell through you.

Important Information and Prayer Requests:

-Surgery will be in the brain suite on September 25th, a room holding a very specialized piece of equipment that allows for a much more precise surgery. We are praising God for His provision in this!

-Jesse needs to remain in stable condition for the next 10 days. Pray that his meds would do their jobs and keep his swelling down and seizures under control.

-Sleep has not come easily to either of us. Prayers that we would be able to have peaceful sleep are welcomed.

-We are still and always praying for miraculous healing that speaks of the movement of God.