A few hours ago, we were sitting in a small, but comfortable doctor’s office, looking intently at a computer screen full of terms we didn’t understand, listening to the doctor explain Jesse’s tumor. Before I go any further, you have to know that Jesse currently struggles to read more than a few short words at a time. He’ll regain his ability over time, but for now, it’s very hard for his brain to comprehend written word. Here’s why that is such vital information for you, friends.

In a moment I hope never to forget, Jesse, staring at the screen in front of him, attempted to read the long name given to his type of tumor. . .and he began to chuckle. “God!”, he laughed. “Look, babe! God is in it. God is in my tumor!”

Oligodendroglioma. OliGODendroglioma.

“God” is literally right there in the name of Jesse’s tumor. Visible. I’m laughing again that laugh of absurdity that rises up when something is so delightfully ironic it’s nearly unbelievable. We’ve been saying all along that God is in this tumor business, and today, today He showed us just how IN it He is! The tumor is a stage 2, which means it’s currently non-aggressive. He’s likely had this tumor all of his life. It’s been growing with him as he’s been growing in his walk with Jesus. The rate of cancer cell reproduction is just 1.5 %, which is almost none at all. If you’re going to have a brain tumor, this is a “very good” one to have. These types of gliomas typically respond very well to chemotherapy. We have a meeting with an oncologist soon to talk through treatment options, timing, and all of the other nuances involved in treating cancer. It will be a life long fight, but that life should be years to decades rather than months. Years, y’all. I could weep. . .and I’m certain I will. . .but for now, in this moment, I’m too in awe of a God who would weave His very name into the tumor He’s used to wreck, ravage, redeem, and restore our lives in unfathomable ways.

Jesse still has a big tumor. 50 % of it, 5 centimeters, is still tangled up in the part of the brain that controls this preacher man’s speech. But that’s 5 centimeters left for God to continue to show Himself victorious in miraculous ways. That’s 5 centimeters of God’s grace and provision. God is in the last 5 centimeters of Jesse’s tumor. . .and He is still bigger.