A few hours ago, we were sitting in a small, but comfortable doctor’s office, looking intently at a computer screen full of terms we didn’t understand, listening to the doctor explain Jesse’s tumor. Before I go any further, you have to know that Jesse currently struggles to read more than a few short words at a time. He’ll regain his ability over time, but for now, it’s very hard for his brain to comprehend written word. Here’s why that is such vital information for you, friends.

In a moment I hope never to forget, Jesse, staring at the screen in front of him, attempted to read the long name given to his type of tumor. . .and he began to chuckle. “God!”, he laughed. “Look, babe! God is in it. God is in my tumor!”

Oligodendroglioma. OliGODendroglioma.

“God” is literally right there in the name of Jesse’s tumor. Visible. I’m laughing again that laugh of absurdity that rises up when something is so delightfully ironic it’s nearly unbelievable. We’ve been saying all along that God is in this tumor business, and today, today He showed us just how IN it He is! The tumor is a stage 2, which means it’s currently non-aggressive. He’s likely had this tumor all of his life. It’s been growing with him as he’s been growing in his walk with Jesus. The rate of cancer cell reproduction is just 1.5 %, which is almost none at all. If you’re going to have a brain tumor, this is a “very good” one to have. These types of gliomas typically respond very well to chemotherapy. We have a meeting with an oncologist soon to talk through treatment options, timing, and all of the other nuances involved in treating cancer. It will be a life long fight, but that life should be years to decades rather than months. Years, y’all. I could weep. . .and I’m certain I will. . .but for now, in this moment, I’m too in awe of a God who would weave His very name into the tumor He’s used to wreck, ravage, redeem, and restore our lives in unfathomable ways.

Jesse still has a big tumor. 50 % of it, 5 centimeters, is still tangled up in the part of the brain that controls this preacher man’s speech. But that’s 5 centimeters left for God to continue to show Himself victorious in miraculous ways. That’s 5 centimeters of God’s grace and provision. God is in the last 5 centimeters of Jesse’s tumor. . .and He is still bigger.

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  1. It is such a blessing to follow your journey and actually SEE God in it!. Talk about getting a message straight from the Master of the universe! Awesome! Praying for you and Jessie everyday for full recovery!


  2. “Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides You, who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.” ~ Isaiah 64:4
    Celebrating with you!


  3. Praise God ! Continued prayers for healing ! I’m so blessed to read your amazing testimony and to grow from your journey! God is using you in an amazing way!!


  4. Wonderful News!!! We will continue to believe that God will make Himself known with the remainder of this tumor. This whole situation, from the sunrise pictures you posted, to the wonder and amazement you shared today, makes me think of “God of Wonders” by third day. Here is an excerpt:

    “Lord of all creation
    of water earth and sky
    The heavens are your Tabernacle
    Glory to the Lord on high

    God of wonders beyond our galaxy
    You are Holy, Holy
    The universe declares your Majesty
    And you are holy holy
    Lord of Heaven and Earth
    Lord of Heaven and Earth

    Early in the morning
    I will celebrate the light
    When i stumble in the darkness
    I will call your name by night…..”šŸŽ¶

    I am sure you know how it goes.šŸ˜„

    We will continue to pray for all of you!!

    God Bless,


  5. How thankful we are for you all and this journey you share with people like me that you don’t even know! We’ve prayed for you, and prayers will continue. God will make a way if we put our hope in Him and wait on Him for answeres. God bless and……keep that spirit of faith, God is revealing Himself in awesome ways!


  6. It is an honor to have you as a friend !! God is so awesome!!!! Jesse you inspire myself and others and to hear a living testimony with such positivity throughout your whole ordeal ,well God is using that in several people’s lives . What an awesome God we serve !! Love you bro!!


  7. Cherished friends, when we are in our most fragile moments, HE reaches out and touches our heart to let us know HE is there and will never leave us. Anxious, unsettled, human… HE continues to show HIS majesty and breathes strength into us.

    Keep chasing the sunrise Jesse, God will continue to reveal Himself in ways we cannot possibly imagine. HE has touched so many as you walk this difficult path. Praise to our Lord for His unending love and mercy. Our prayers continue to be answered.. a blessing created out of His unfailing love for all of us

    We love both of you dearly and are overjoyed with this news!

    Steve & Shelly


  8. I know you don’t know me, but I am so happy for your family and the news that you have received. So many do not get near this chance! Looking forward to see how God will continue to show Himself through your family. May God bless each of you and your children.


  9. We’ve followed Jese’s cancer journey with much prayer. God is so good!

    I wanted you to be aware of a non-invasive, non-chemical option right here in Houston that you may not be aware of….. my cousin had Stage 4 Breast Cancer and was cured using his Antineoplastin’s therapy. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s current focus is on brain tumors and may have an ongoing Clinical Trial. There are many articles about him that can be Googled.


    Much love to you from Anne Davis & Bob Belton


  10. Jessie my Brother In Christ, she is so right in that God does have this. His Devine Will and Grace is showered over you and the Holly Ghost pours through your every fiber and leaves a glow that can be seen by all who let the Holly Ghost lead their lives. God is so awesome that He Chose you to lead His Flock. It is an auspicious task that few will answer, even after being asked by our Lord and Savior. I am Honored to call you my Pastor (Padre)

    I LOVE You Brother,
    Richard Sanders
    Semper Fidelis
    In Christ We Stand


  11. I can’t get over being inspired and thrilled by your messages! Only ones with overflowing faith can do this in such a difficult circumstance as having to deal with cancer!!! I think of all the characters in scripture that have left encouraging words for us all these many years later, written in dire circumstances I can’t fathom! God is using this for good in His time and perfect plan! Thank you, granny lee


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