Fox 26 News and KSBJ

Several days ago, Jesse and I spent about an hour on the phone with a sweet woman named Jen, who also happens to host The Midday Show on our local christian radio station, KSBJ. We shared our story with her, and she shared our story on her radio show…and then on a local news station. I have mixed feelings about this, because I’m a pretty intense introvert. I’m 18 layers of mortified, but I’m also grateful to be used to tell the goodness of God to a world that sees struggle as punishment rather than the hope we’ve come to know strife as.  We serve a good, gracious God. He is faithfully guiding us through the murky aftermath of brain surgery and the foggy path of treatment. He is stretching us in huge ways, and we are looking to the days ahead with anticipation of what He has for us. He is still using this. That is baffling to me. We are such ordinary humans, such sinners with such wrecked lives. I will never fully comprehend why He graced us with this life, and that in itself is a marvel…the more understanding I gain of who He is, the more I know I don’t understand, the more I seek to understand what is the height and depth of the love and grace of Jesus. I anticipate I shall never reach the ends of such a boundary-less God. What I know for certain in this moment, though, is this; God is growing increasingly lovely and radiant to me as the hard days linger, and I am sincerely, unashamedly grateful and amazed.

You can watch the segment that aired on the news here:

We’re asked a lot what you can do to help, and I know this sounds like doing nothing to so many, but your prayers are hugely important to us. Pray, friends. Keep asking the Lord to reveal Himself to yourselves, your people, and to us. The days here are long and filled with managing medications and reactions to medications. Some moments are gut-wrenchingly difficult, and knowing your voices are lifted to God on our behalf is such a grace to us. We continue to pray over you all as well. The Lord is faithful to sustain and provide all we need as we walk our paths, friends. 

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  1. Y’all are in our prayers daily. Your family has always been very special to us, and we pray for healing for Jesse and strength for all of you. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.


  2. It’s early, the sun hasn’t risen yet and I’m thinking of you two in the video~~ watching a sunrise and singing! Oh, I doubt you’ll ever realize in full how God is using all this to minister to others; those who know you well, those of us who have only visited with you a little bit, and those who only know you thru the words in these “blogs”, or are meeting you in the hospital! But using you, He is!
    Our prayers continue for so many things concerning you and your whole family, both petitions and praises! Thank you for sharing your gift of words, Ashley~ Just another avenue He’s using in this ‘crisis-journey’!
    In His big love and mine, granny lee


  3. Hello! I’m a librarian at the LSC-Tomball Community Library where the church staff meet every week. I was asking after Jesse this morning and am so glad to know he is recovering well from his surgery. Please send him my best wishes and hopes for his complete recovery.


  4. I think of you both often and hope his recovery is coming along as it should. Of course, in God’s hands, it will always go as it should. I miss you both and wish you both well. We all need a little peace after our storms. ❤


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