What a week…

  For those of you who follow our story on social media, the next few blog posts will be things you have likely already seen on facebook or instagram. I realize that many of you only follow our story through this blog, though, and want to give everyone the most up-to-date information on Jesse. I will post these in sequence, so expect more email alerts than usual, today (sorry about that). If you have social media, you can find me on facebook as “Ashley Istre McMillan” or on instagram as “onearmless”…or you can click the highlighted words in this sentence and link directly there. I am years behind on facebook friend requests, so Jesse recommended you just hit the “follow” button there to keep up with us. I’m inclined to agree. 😉 
I have only formatted the following information to read more fluidly in this space, and to combine posts where needed. Everything you read here is written in real time, per when it happened. The featured image is of Jesse (very unexpectedly) walking himself out of the hospital the night the following occurred.
   Jesse has had several grand mal seizures over the past hour. These are new to him. I’m currently in the waiting room of a nearby hospital while they do a CT of his brain to check for anything unusual (beyond his tumor). He has been unresponsive and was in respiratory distress upon arrival. When they wheeled him out for his CT, he was just beginning to respond to stimuli.
Friends. I am not a word-mincer. This is not a good situation. He is currently not able to respond, and we aren’t certain he will regain the ability.
Our kids are wrecked. Thoroughly wrecked. Our second born is the one who called to tell me his daddy was on the ground, writhing, gasping for air, at the church. They have been forever changed by this.
When I arrived at the church, I went to Jesse first. I saw he was well tended, and took off for our kids. I grabbed each of them while we waited for the ambulance. “You are safe. Safe, loved, protected. Daddy, too. No matter what. He loves you so much! The measure of your grief will match the measure of his love. Expect it to be big.”
Pray, friends. For healing, yes. Always. But for peace, too. For Hope. No thing can really grow to bloom without digging deep roots and getting adequate Light. And, guys? The Light of Christ’s rescue is a bright, undimmable Light. This present moment…it will grow Hope.
UPDATE: 10:40 pm. He has gone from “unresponsive to stimuli” to sitting up a wheelchair. Very nauseated. He is still not speaking much, but he’s understanding. He’s heavily medicated and is, ummm, we’ll call it ‘spirited’. If he can get the vomiting under control and get up and walk, we could be released to care for him at home. He is still fragile. Dizzy. A bit disoriented. But he knows his name. And he knows mine, too.
UPDATE: 12:14 am. Walked. himself. out. of. the. hospital.
UPDATE: 12:25 am. We are HOME! He’s medicated. Sleeping. Still nauseated, but stable. He should sleep well through the night.
*Please keep praying that he will remain seizure free for the night and into the morning, especially, while we work on meeting with his dr and figuring out new meds made to control this type of seizure.*

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